Friday, September 14, 2012

Using Treasures and Having Angels

This is a day of rain, cloud cover and cooler temperatures.  I love it.  I am more than ready for fall.  I participate in a food co-op bi-weekly and my last basket had leeks in it on a day that the temps were near 100 so the leeks seemed destined to rot in the fridge.  Today, I have decided that a hatch-chili-potato-leek soup along with the sourdough bread that is in the freezer is on the menu for this weekend. I think God gave us Fall at the perfect time when we have became weary of summer, Spring at the perfect time that we have grown weary of Winter.  He always does things that surprise me and make me feel loved.

Using Treasures and Having Angels!

It has almost been 3 years since my Mom died and I am finally pulling out her treasure trove of antiques and collectibles.  I have been walking past things for years and years but since I have decided to finally make this house a home I have fresh eyes to see those things that she acquired over time and packed and saved to use one day.  I am getting the benefit of finding treasures in joyful exhaltation and I find that I am not sure why she did not use them while she was alive.  Perhaps she had grown tired of them or perhaps wanted to save them for us.  I do not know but it has taught me a lesson to cherish those things that build or represent memories while I am able to enjoy them and to not take anything for granted. 

Now to my dear angels Agresta McGlocklin and Georgina Quirey.  These two lovely ladies began to come to my house as cleaning ladies to help me because my neck injury prevents me from using my arms to clean.  At the time they started, I was very discouraged about my home.  I had been virtually camping here since I moved in after Mom died.  I needed cupboard space but I did not like what was out of the cupboards and the cupboards were too filled with treasures to put anything away.  I was so overwhelmed that I did not know how or where to begin.  Having a pristinely clean home and cheerful wonderful angels to encourage me brought me out of my funk and gave me courage to forge ahead.  I started at first to try to put a few things out here and there but then one day I turned them loose to start decorating and styling for me and my oh my they have done a wonderful job.  Now I drag out treasures over the weekends and leave them out for when they come and they surprise me with what they create.  It is a total transformation and it keeps getting more and more interesting.  Here are some before and after photos.

Left Shelf above Woodbox Before
Shelves after with treasures, now to paint
Shelves after, now to paint

Kitchen utility counter, needs new pulls and paint

View of Fireplace after my angels, paint me please!

Antique bottles on kitchen utility counter
Homier living room crying out for paint!!!


  1. It looks so nice and homey. It just looks like it is waiting for a fall day for a fire in the fireplace and it just looks so nice.
    I hope that you take time to enjoy it. :)
    It all looks beautiful Trace, you have done a very nice job.

  2. Hi Tracy! Wow, I didn't know angels could decorate! It all looks so nice, they did such a wonderful job. I agree with you about the seasons changing just when we need them. God knew what He was doing to keep us from going crazy!